Highest quality and functionality are the focus of our dieboards, whether you choose our high quality standard cutting tools or a G-Cut tool to reduce intake time significantly.
Gerdins can provide the optimal tool solution that fits your machine and materials.
We only use plywood, cut lines and rubber of the highest quality in our punches as the choice of the right material is essential for a good end product.

Gerdins stands for quality and modern technology
Modern packaging industries need tools that optimize and streamline the production process. Contact us and we will tell you more about the options available with Gerdins punching technology.



Whether you are using the classic Pertinax- or milled steel matrices, we deliver solutions that provide the best results. A milled steel matrix provide higher creasing quality and does not imprint the box behind. This causes a small additional cost. For large series, the obvious choice.


Stripping tools

G-Pin is the tool that sets the standard of what a stripping tool must be able to perform. Production is fully CAD driven and in perfect tuning with the cutting tool.

We can use 9 different pins to clear all forms of waste. The system is based on a well-balanced interaction between pins and base. This makes the time-consuming installation of lower pins redundant.

Advantages of G-Pin is:

  • Fast tool changes
  • No lower pins
  • Higher machine speed
  • Less machine wear, thanks to 3D technology.


Blanking tools

Gerdins helps to exploit the opportunities in today's machines in a cost effective manner. Compared to a manual separation, this saves time and money. We will help you.



High-class product presentation in stores requires ever more demanding designs. Embossing is a means to lift a package and increase its value. Easily adjustable embossing elements with detailed results in all materials is second nature to us.

Embossing, however, is much more than just design. Braille embossing on pharmaceutical packaging is of great benefit to society.

Gerdins delivers systems that provide conditions for optimal production of all types in embossing.