Corrugated cardboard

For die cutting in corrugated, we offer high quality tooling solutions. Whether it is flatbed or rotary.

Quality, functionality and overall economy is our focus.

Regardless of the corrugated quality you punches, we can help with a tool that reduces the intake time and increase your productivity. Contact our knowledgeable engineers, they can tell you more. If you choose our high quality standard cutting tools or G-Cut tool, Gerdins provides the optimum tool solution to suit your machine and your material.
Gerdins stands for quality and modern technology.


Stripping tools

Regardless of the machine and the material to be combined, we can build the optimal combination that delivers exactly what you want.

High reliability is as much in focus as weight and production efficiency.

Our G-Pin tool is the first choice for materials of lighter grades. G-Pin gives our customers the opportunity to take full advantage of:

  • Fast tool changes
  • No lower pins
  • Higher machine speed
  • Less machine wear, thanks to 3D technology.

For large format and heavy quality, we build weight reduced and process secure tools that ensures optimum performance and work environment.


Rotary tools

Short intake time and high production speed is what a rotary tool must deliver.We have a long experience and high-quality equipment that allows us to provide high performance rotary tools. Please contact us to tell us more.