Cutting Dies

Cutting Dies for all shapes

With long experience in tool manufacturing, and with modern machinery, we solve customers' challenges and problems regarding punching.
Our dies cuts, molds and create added value. We only use plywood, cut lines and rubber of the highest quality, because we know that the choice of the right material is essential for a good product.

We at Gerdins has a long experience of punching in demanding materials. Our dies ensures that details to the industry will be developed with the highest accuracy regardless of whether it is electronic or gaskets, etc. We also manufacture complete moldingtools from aluminum or prototype material.
For diecutting in Corrugated Gerdins offers high-class tooling solutions, regardless of whether it is flat bed or rotary. Quality, function and overall economy becomes the focus.
Solid cardboard
Highest quality and functionality are the focus of our cardboard dies, whether you choose our high quality standard cutting tools or a G-Cut tool to reduce the patch up time considerably.
SPECIAL PRODUCTION - at the leading edge

Gerdins Cuttning Technology has over the years continuously invested in new machines with the latest technology. This means that the production with our high-tech machines are in principle fully computer controlled.


In the design of punching tools are used the most modern CAD technology that is fully integrated in the production equipment. This applies to our entire production process, from the first to the last point.

BOBST Die-maker Certification Program

Why choose a Certified Die-maker? Converters need to be confident that their die-makers have the skills, understanding and equipment required to produce high-quality dies - the BOBST Die-maker Certification Program is a guarantee of excellence. Every BOBST-certified die-maker has been identified as having a positive, forward-thinking attitude towards quality standards, innovation, automation and digitalization, ensuring they possess the mindset and approach to production that converters ask for.

Once they begin the certification process, die-makers' capabilities, knowledge and understanding of tooling processes are assessed and developed by a BOBST Tooling Specialist, helping make sure that they work in the right way, correctly optimize their equipment to produce excellent dies and deliver best practice at every stage. 

Lastly, once certified, die-makers are provided with a huge range of support systems and exclusive tooling products - everything they need to provide converters with best-in-class products.


Effective Process

With The modern machinery and the high knowledge enables us to produce a lot and quickly. We know that our dies can be critical to your manufacturing and always aim to deliver within the specified time frame, so no production downtime.

long-term growth

Besides supplying the cutting dies and punches of the highest quality we build our business on integrity and ethical attitude to business. By working closely with you as a customer, we believe that together we can create a long-term growth. As a partner to our customers, it is natural for us to contribute to the competitiveness of the entire life cycle. All our business areas can offer a customer the appropriate mix of engineering, manufacturing and logistics.

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