We will guide you to the right tools. We have a long experience of tool manufacturing for all kinds of materials such as plastic, leather, foam, rubber, etc. Our dies produces parts for the automobile industry high accuracy whether it be electronic or gaskets. Details to furniture industry in cloth or plywood, shop needles in plastic, displays of plastic or corrugated.Punching is an efficient production process with the right tools can solve many tasks.


Cutting die

Suitable for punching in most materials. A thinner knife inset into the plywood. Efficient production provides a tool of high quality, short delivery time and the right price.


Clicker dies

A clicker die is the natural choice for tough materials. We have built these knives for 60 years. This gives us an unique knowledge. Solid craftsman skills meet industrial requirement.


Blister packs

For the production of blister packs we provide tools with cutting lines up to a height of 100mm. Through elevation or deletion, higher details may also be cut with an optimal result.



We design, mill and assemble complete tools. In aluminum for high-volume or prototype material for prototypes or small series.