Why Gerdins

Our business activities are based on integrity and a highly ethical attitude to business. With the customer always uppermost in our mind, high levels of service and close communication with our customers, we focus on the importance of long-term business relations.

Our mission

We are a company with the ambition to:

- Be our customers' first choice in our business

- Develop long term business and partner relations

- Support our customer in the product development

- Offer efficient production systems, via our own production and via our global network of suppliers

Our vision

We will strengthen the competitiveness of our customers and their products through technological development and  manufacturing expertise.
Our vision is to create long-term value for our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders with profitability and growth and to develop the group into a one billion company.

The following values are the core of our corporate culture:


  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Dedication
  • Reliability


Quality and environment

The objectives in Gerdins Cutting Tech. is to meet our customers' needs and to deliver goods, products and services that meet customer expectations and requirements. A common goal for our companies is to produce and sell products and services in accordance with the sustainable development of our environment. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Environment and sustainability

Environmental care is a core value within Gerdins Group. It is characterized by the efficient use of resources, a comprehensive view and continuous improvement. There through, shall the Group's businesses gain competitive advantage and contribute to sustainable development.


Resource utilization means that the use of energy and raw materials are minimized.


A comprehensive view means that environmental work must be integrated into all activities. This will be continuously improved, through participation of our employees, and through well formulated and clearly defined objectives.


Technology development includes: prioritizing transportation with low environmental impact, to continually reduce fuel consumption, noise and climate impact and to minimize the use of environmentally harmful materials.

To achieve sustainable and profitable development

Sustainable Growth is a corporate responsibility at Gerdins aims to be a good corporate citizen in each market.
This is done by a positive impact of economic, environmental and social aspects, and through employee pride in the Group's values.

Increased competitiveness

Gerdins has chosen to be the best in system assembly, mechanical manufacturing and die cutting solutions. We believe in a strong partnership with our customers that both adds and releases energy, good ideas and a rational approach.